Session Work

Want to hire a particular member of the Rainbow Seekers for a creative project? We have quite a range of skills between us all - and each member is available for hire.

Ranging from songwriting and audio production - to instrumentation, tour management, tour bus driving, and even voice acting... our individual skills and specializations are listed below. Contact info is provided for each member, so feel free reach out for inquiries. 

Joe Hertler (In-Person & Remote)


  • Audio Production (Ableton & Protools)
  • Session Bassist
  • Session Acoustic & Electric Guitar
  • Songwriting & Arrangement 
  • Digital Content Creation & Editing
  • Scoring & Arrangement for Film & Advertising

Micah Bracken (In Person & Remote)

  • Session Piano, Keys, Synth
  • Session Guitar
  • Songwriting & Arrangement
  • Music Director

Ryan Hoger (In Person & Remote)

  • Session Guitar
  • Songwriting & Arrangement

Ryan McMahon (In Person)

  • Session Drums & Percussion

Jason Combs (In Person or Remote)

  • Session Bass
  • Voice Acting
  • Hip Hop Vocals & Writing
  • Live Sound
  • Audio Production (Ableton & Logic)

Caleb Elzinga (In-Person & Remote)

  • Session Saxophone (Tenor, Alto) 
  • Music Arrangment & Scoring

Aaron Stinson (In-Person)

  • Session Saxophone (Alto, Tenor)
  • Flute 
  • Irish Whistle
  • Piano & Keys
  • Master of Ceremonies (for Weddings)

Logan Schooley (In Person)

  • Tour Management
  • Merch Selling & Management
  • Bus & Van Driving (CDL Certified)
  • Art Design (Painting)