"Tools of the Trade" Pin Pack
"Tools of the Trade" Pin Pack
"Tools of the Trade" Pin Pack

"Tools of the Trade" Pin Pack

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The Rainbow Seekers Official: "Tools of The Trade" Pin Pack
Designed and produced by our friends at The Gallery Society
Soft Enamel with Epoxy // Double Posted 
2 Variants // Numbered On Back 
LE 100: OG Black Metal Variant (on tour only)
LE 50: Glow-In-The-Dark Gold Metal Variant (online only)

Each pack includes 3 pins: 
- 1 Rainbow Seeker 
- 1 Rainbow Catcher 
- 1 Rainbow Identifier 
*all pins in each pack have matching numbers*

- The Rainbow Seeker: The Rainbow Seeker is for you! Use it to find the light and spread your love with everything that you do. 
- The Rainbow Catcher: While most explore with timid toes, you hold your head up high... catching rainbows right out of the sky! 
- The Rainbow Identifier: The Rainbow Identifier was crafted to enable you to see a beautiful rainbow... even in a single drop of water!